Parental Abduction


In the United States, there are an estimated 200,000 parental abductions every year. While it is difficult to calculate the risk that the other parent might abduct a child, there are profiles that actually can help predetermine that risk and enable the concerned parent to take protective measures to prevent the abduction.  There is statutory protection both by emergency orders (ex parte orders) and by motion to limit the risk.  These are tactics that can be used to prevent abduction.  If you are concerned your child may be abducted by the other parent, I can help you assess the risk and take the steps necessary to reduce the risk by both legal and practical means.


However, my experience is that a parent dedicated to abducting a child can, over a period of time, succeed.  They can do it if they become sufficiently knowledgeable about how to do it, plan beyond the abduction itself, and get help and support from others.


My two younger children, when 4 and 5, were abducted by their mother.  26 days later, after obtaining a Federal warrant, the cooperation of the FBI and the Mexican authorities, I retrieved them from Puerto Vallarta.


If your child has been abducted, moving quickly is imperative.  The process needs to be initiated with the police and the district attorney as well as the Department of State.  There are court orders to obtain to facilitate the return of a child once found.  That saying, “time is of the essence” is applicable and core to the effort.

I can help and support you through this process, from dealing with the police and district attorney through the court process, but also in other strategies towards finding your child and getting your child returned.  I can guarantee that it will have my full effort, experience, and expertise- and the added motivation that comes from having my own children stolen from me.