Our Story

Nearly a quarter of a century of a practice limited to family law as an attorney-advocate provides a depth of experience.  While experience does not assure expertise, I assure you that it is present and particularly in the thorny issues, support, property division and most particularly child custody and visitation- local, interstate, international.  Family law is a purpose with me, not a career.  I'm very clear that my duty is to my client, to advise, to support, and to collaborate towards achieving goals.  The more a client is willing to participate, the better the result.  So our job, a client and me, is to quickly build a relationship of trust so we can engage in a manner that can take us toward our goals.

Fortunately, but two years into my practice, a judge who I never practiced before and with whom I have been friends since I began my practice, told me about a paralegal who might be interested in working with me.  Sheelah is that person.  In full disclosure:  two weeks after she started, Sheelah told me she was going to start looking for another job.  Sheelah had never before worked in family law and was not finding it entirely pleasurable.  I found a way for her to work part-time for another attorney who did no family law for a time, and Sheelah stayed.  She's smart, practical, caring and very experienced in family law.